Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wisp of Dust

As promised, a work in progress shot of the Kidsilk Haze that will become "Wisp" - a really pretty fishnet lace wrap.

So far I've done 4 panels of the fishnet lace, and have managed to make mistakes in exactly 3 of those panels *rolls eyes* Clearly I'm not cut out for lace knitting, but I am determined to get there.

Close up of the one panel with no cock-ups... For motivational purposes *laughs*

I know it all looks like a bunch of noodles now, but I am reliably informed by the whole of the knitting blogosphere that blocking such projects works miracles. Which is good, as it really doesn't look like the picture from the pattern just yet!

Incidentally, it is impossible to take a picture of this without it looking like I haven't dusted for some time, but I think it'll be gorgeous when it's done *looks menacingly at the noodles* It will be gorgeous. 

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