Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It's Either One Thing or Another

So, lately I haven't been posting (as you may have noticed *laughs*), because I seem to have had very little time to do anything worth posting about. But in the last few weeks I seem to have perked up a little bit.

  • I finished my Celestarium (and that I did post about!)
  • I finished my Reggae Reggae socks
  • I knit a hat, on a bit of a whim
  • I knit a shawl for cunning boyfriend's mum
  • I knit two dishcloths for my mum
  • I went on holiday to the Forest of Dean
  • I started, and have nearly finished, another pair of socks
  • I started, and have made significant progress on, another shawl
  • I still haven't decided what to do with the shawl I messed up
  • I've been promoting the children's ebook I published
  • Cunning boyfriend and I got a cat
  • I've bought, but not blogged, quite a lot of yarn *laughs*
  • I changed my hair - it's short (which I don't think I like) and red with black streaks (which I do like)

So, really, I do have plenty to post about. Maybe I should reappear! 

Oh, and in the meantime - here's me and cunning boyfriend doing a bit of archery *laughs*