Friday, 14 January 2011

Knitting Personality

I was reading something the other day about different types of knitting personality. Some people are process knitters and some people are product knitters... Somewhat self-explanatory really, whether you enjoy doing the knitting or having the finished object the most.

I haven't quite decided which category I fall into, it seems to depend on a few things. What can I say, I'm complicated *laughs*

  • If I'm knitting something I really want to wear, then I want the product
  • If the yarn or pattern is not entirely fun, again I'm all about the product
  • If I'm collapsed in front of the TV with very little brain power, the process is what I want
  • If the process is particularly tactile, that's what holds me to the project
So, when I was making the purple shrug, the process was my focus. I loved knitting with that yarn so much that I carried on going, despite knowing that it was unlikely the product would resemble the pattern. 

Once I'd finished that knit, however, the product was crucial. I'd have been gutted if it had come out completely awful (that may have more to do with it being my first knitted garment though!)

My brown jumper is somewhere else. I want the product, so that's my focus. Endless rows of stocking stitch are not entirely engaging (apart from during the aforementioned TV-collapse moments), so the process isn't altogether that much fun. However (see, told you I was complicated), after the endless stocking stitch, there are more interesting things like increases and decreases. I'm sure that these are pretty dull to an experienced knitter, but I'm still at a stage where they're quite exciting new skills.

So, which is it? Product or process? Is there a third option, can I be "Contrary Knitter"? Or maybe "Ah whatever, who needs labels anyway" ;)

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