Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Stupid Jumper

It was all going so well *sigh*

I've finished the body and sleeves of the jumper, connected them together in order to do the neck and done the neck... Twice so far.

Picking up stitches went fine, knitting the shorter version of the rolled neck, fine. Then I cast off. My cast off was far too tight, which was a small problem when I realised that once the neck was seamed together, there was no way it would fit over my head (and I have a fairly small head).

So I unwound that, then decided that I'd actually prefer the longer version of the neck (which, frankly I should have known in the first place, I was just being too impatient and wanted to get it finished). So I redid the whole of the neck, with a stretchier (apparently) cast off.

Still too tight.

So, this evening, I will be starting the neck again. For the third time *growls*

This time, I think I'll pick up more stitches than the pattern called for, it's supposed to be a slouchy neck after all, and mine would have been snug around the neck - no wonder it wouldn't go over my head! I may also change to larger needles for the bind off, so that I can make it a little looser... Not sure how well that will work with the pattern though.

I don't know why this part has gone so wrong, the rest was going so well, but my gauge seems to have gone all awry suddenly and I just can't get it to work. But I am determined to. I could probably bodge it slightly to work, but I want it to be done well. I'm certain that in years to come, I'll look back on this first jumper and laugh at how amateur it is, but for now it's the biggest thing I've done and it'll be done as well as I bloody can.

So as to avoid leaving on a sulky and cross note, here is a picture of some pandas.

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  1. I love this pattern, and your finished version. The thing with the neck gets you an A+ for resourcefulness. I'm afraid I may have a) ripped it all out. b) given up and stuffed it all in a drawer. Probably both.


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