About Me

Where to start... *ponders*

Well, I shall shamelessly steal from the mini "about me" section on the main page of my blog:

Creative and impatient - unfortunately that combination leads to grand ideas and grave disappointment!

That's pretty much me *laughs* Although the disappointments are getting thankfully fewer as I get better at crafting. Learning to knit has done wonders for my patience!

I started knitting in the rain in Edinburgh while waiting for my boyfriend to finish up at a conference. Ok, by "in the rain" I technically mean that I curtailed my shopping trip due to rain and grabbed a "learn to knit this scarf" kit in John Lewis to keep me occupied. 

That was November 2010. Shortly afterwards I discovered knitting blogs and decided to start one of my own, so here I am.

Most of my posts are knitting related, but you will also hear (read?!) me jabber on about some of the other things I like, primarily cooking but also reading, my forays into trying out new crafts and trying to curb my habit of buying yarn faster than I can possibly hope to knit it ;)

You can also find me on twitter, instagram and pinterest (I'm pinkundine on pretty much every social media platform!) and more info on my projects (as I have a bad habit of forgetting to post important details sometimes) on my ravelry page.