Tuesday, 11 January 2011

How Now, Brown... Jumper

As I've made a little bit more progress on the brown jumper, I thought I'd post some pics. It is, however, quite hard to make them look good, given the overwhelming brown-ness of everything! It looks good in real life though, honest *laughs*

So, the exciting looking back of the jumper:

Ok, not so exciting. But I was very proud of my incredibly even decreasing for the armholes:

Also not that exciting in picture form really, is it? Well, I'm impressed with it anyway ;)

The front has a cable running up the front, that you can't really see in this picture due to it being all squashed up on the needles. That, and the fact that I've only done one repeat so far...

Before I started the jumper I thought I'd better see if I was capable of making cables, they look so complicated that I was a bit worried I'd struggle. So I tested them out on a plain square (or rectangle in the end) of cheaper yarn to get used to the technique:

No one told me they were so damn easy *laughs*! I was expecting complicated moving of stitches on and off the cable needle every row, struggling to move said stitches, paying lots of attention to where I was so I didn't cock it up (which is usually my downfall, short attention span you see)... I didn't realise that all the work is done in one row per repeat *revelationary grin* So now I can make something that looks complicated, but is actually not, and feel marvellously smug ;)

Which will probably bite me in the arse, pride commeth before a fall and all that. I'm now expecting to be soon writing a follow-up post where I have made some stupid error and had to start over *yikes face*

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