Thursday, 20 January 2011

Boring Progress Update

I finished the first sleeve on my brown jumper, so I now have 1 sleeve and the neck left to knit. Then I have to block it all out and sew it together, but I'm ignoring that bit and focusing on the fact that it's nearly done!

I really want it done by next week, so I can wear it when I head to visit my mum *waves "hi mum"*

I seem to have a habit of knitting to a deadline, not sure if this is entirely sensible, but at least it stops me leaving unfinished objects just languishing!

In other news, my Richard Castle book arrived. It's so cute, with the dedication being the same as they mention on the show, and the cover quotes referring to him "doing his research". My only dilemma now is whether I read it immediately (which is what I want to do!) or keep it for the next few weeks to take on holiday with me *ponders*

I'm not great at delayed gratification, so hanging on to it until holiday might be tough, but hopefully I'll have enough knitting to keep me occupied until then. It does seem to eat into my reading time!

And, because this is not exactly an exciting or visually engaging post, here's a picture of a paintball being shot with an air rifle (don't ask me why, I just like the colours *laughs*)

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