Thursday, 13 January 2011

Knit ALL The Things

I seem to have a problem. A new problem.

There are too many things I want to knit! And of course, each thing takes considerable time and care, so I don't get to move on to new things for what seems like forever *petulant pout*

I'm trying to be good, and have no more than 2 things on the needles at any time. I can't stick to just one, I get too fed up, but if I had as many things on the go as I want to I'd never finish anything! The slight sticking point here is that I technically have 3 unfinished things, my brown jumper, wisp scarf and the feather and fan scarf.

Poor feather and fan scarf has been callously neglected. It's not complicated, and I was enjoying making it, but it's cotton yarn and not altogether lovely to knit with. Which was fine until I bought all the gorgeously soft and fluffy stuff after Christmas and hurled the cotton to one side. Ooops.

So I thought I'd post a few pictures of things in my queue, the things I want to knit. These are the things I will (eventually) get round do doing. My aspirational "I'll never manage that in a million years" projects can wait for a different post.

For reference (although I may regret this when mine turns out looking nothing like it), this is the anticipated finished article for my brown jumper:

Also from Stitch 'n' Bitch, and the top I bought the purple Kidsilk Aura in anticipation of making:

Sorry for the rubbishness of the pictures, it's not easy trying to take a picture of a book at night with an overhead light!

An easy enough project, that I actually already started. "My So Called Scarf" by Allison Isaacs. I cast it on in Sirdar Big Softie, which I hated working with, was too tight for the stitch pattern and just didn't look right at all. I think the fact that it was all one colour really detracted from the pattern. My first lesson in the fact that "you need the right yarn for the project" extends beyond just the weight of the yarn.

I love wearing vest/tank tops over shirts for work, and really want to make one myself (also, no sleeves means it shouldn't take quite as long as a jumper!) I particularly like the shape of this one, and I do want to learn colourwork at some point, so this is definitely on my to do list. Devon by Alexandra Closs:

This one was originally on my aspirational list, but as I have discovered that cables aren't nearly as challenging as expected, I may give it a go. It still has a bunch of skills I've never tried though, so it'll be a little while before I tackle it: OWLS by Kate Davies:

And I'd like to take another stab at this. This was the pattern I was supposed to be following when I created my purple shrug *tries to ignore the vast discrepancy between the two* My gauge being off meant that I ended up with something entirely different, but it was a really quick and enjoyable knit.

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