Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Some Stuff I Can't Think of a Title For ;)

I figure that the limited progress I have made on my brown jumper will be an utterly lame blog post, but that's currently the only thing I'm working on (and my Wisp scarf, but again, limited progress). So instead, I thought I'd post some stuff I think is pretty cool:

First up, I love the TV Series Castle ...

Pause in broadcast for a gratuitous picture of Nathan Fillion (ok, so the picture is from Firefly, don't judge, I still miss it *pines*)

Anyway, this honestly wasn't (just) an excuse to post that picture, the awesome is to follow...

I found out yesterday that you can buy the books the character Richard Castle is writing in the series, Heat Wave and Naked Heat. The books are actually the same as the books in the show, down to the characters, the "author" (obviously ghost written, but still...) and the covers.

How cool is that?! I've ordered Heat Wave, by all accounts it is actually a pretty good story, if it is then I have no doubt that I'll order Naked Heat too. How lame is it that I'm actually quite excited about this?!

I need to get baking, because I got these for Christmas...

I may also have to try and ice them, so that they actually look like ninjas... *wonders if there's some form of almost black biscuit I could make*

I have to learn how to make this hat:

It's on Etsy, but I don't feel like paying $20 for it. I figure some chunky white wool to make a regular beanie, then stitching the details on after. Not sure if that'll work for the eyes though *has a think* But I have so many knitting projects I want to make that this can probably wait a while.

And finally, I bring you news that today, for possibly the first time in my life, I am wearing bright red lipstick *strikes a pose* Considering I almost never wear lipstick of any description, this is a significant departure for me. But I'm wearing a black and white dress, black tights and black boots, so I decided a bit of colour would be fun... And it is *grins* I'm quite enjoying the vampy feeling ;)

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