Monday, 10 January 2011

Monkey Business

Ok, so there seems to be a bit of an animal theme emerging at the moment!

Knitting-wise, I'm currently making a jumper, so progress is slow but ongoing. I finished the back over the weekend but it's not much to take a picture of, being a large piece of brown knitting, so I thought I'd blog something a bit more colourful instead. As the front has cabling, that might make for a better post when it's done.

So, onto the monkeys...

After I bought my sewing machine, made my cushion covers and altered a couple of tops, I wanted to make something else. But my ambition far outweighed my ability, and a couple of disastrous attempts at bags and clothing later, I decided to scale down a bit *wry smile*

Which is where sock monkeys came in. I can't quite remember where the idea came from, but a bit of online research turned up a tutorial and off I went to the shops. One sock-buying-frenzy later I had my supplies.

I'm not posting a picture of the first one I made, it's utterly hideous. For some reason boyfriend likes it though (well, he says he likes it, he's amazingly supportive of my random obsessions!). I've made quite a few now, with a small amount of improvement... well, if you don't look too closely anyway ;)

This little one I have sat on my desk at work, and I made a similar one in purple zebra stripes for my best friend.

This one was for my brother, a mascot for his festival. I believe he has named it Phil. He took some great pics of it out and about, must get him to send me them again.

This one was for my cousin and his boyfriend. They imaginitively named it "Monkeybutt" *laughs* It's a whole lot bigger than the others I made, being crafted from giant man-socks, but I loved the pattern.

And this last one is my mum's (actually, I made her 2, one for home and one for her desk at work), which she kindly sent me a picture of sat on her bed. It's made of really fluffy socks, so it's gorgeously soft but it was evil to sew! I had to do most of it by hand as it kept gumming up my sewing machine. 

As is my way with any new craft, I went mad buying millions of pairs of socks. Then promptly stopped making sock monkeys *rolls eyes* I will make some more, I actually quite enjoy it, despite the hand sewing component of putting them together. I really don't need to make any more though, I've given away at least 7 and I still have an army of them taking over my house!

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