Thursday, 27 January 2011

Slightly Less Stupid Jumper

So, jumper is almost finished.

I redid the neck, again, and it is still not quite right *sigh* It's blocking at the moment, so hopefully it'll stretch to the required size. If not, I have bought a button that will look quite nice as a closure. Not perfect, but I couldn't do that bloody neck again!

My seams are... well, certainly not perfect. Not sure if I misunderstood the mattress stitch instruction, or just did it badly, but I have to say I actually quite like the way they look. They're a bit uneven, but hopefully the blocking process will smooth the worst of that out.

When I'd finished the knitting and seaming, I was a bit perturbed by the fact that the jumper was really quite short.  Yet he arms are the right length, and I followed the pattern for the body exactly (perhaps I should have twigged that I needed an extra repeat or two, being that I like jumpers long, but hey, it was my first time!) So it's currently stretching out... Bit worried about the arms though, they really don't need to get any longer - I'm not a gorilla *laughs*

No picture yet, I'm wearing the jumper when I see mum, so no sneak peaks!

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