Tuesday, 18 January 2011


This morning, a collection of fabulosity...

The front of my jumper (no sniggering at the back, I think it's fabulous and that's all that counts *grins*)

The awesome shoes I was wearing yesterday (I would have posted them while I was wearing them, but the fat ninjas took over and just wouldn't share the limelight!)

Craft supplies that I got in my Christmas stocking. Ok, I know that craft supplies don't usually come under the heading "fab", but I just love the packaging. Cardboard die-cuts, packaged in crisp bags (or chip bags if you're American) I don't want to open them though!

Cute little pink bells that I got during post Christmas shopping. No idea what to do with them, but so cute!

This gorgeous lamp, link courtesy of the utterly fabulous Jen at Epbot. I want it, oh I want it for my own *ignores the fact that I'm quoting a Nightmare Before Christmas song and moves on*

 So, that's the fabulousness on my mind this morning *smiles*

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