Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Check it out, I did swatching *grins*

I'm usually pretty lax, and don't bother, but I thought it would be a good plan for this pattern as I love it and want to make it look fab ;)

I'm using this yarn:

To make this pattern:

© 2011 Splityarn

It's one of the patterns that the cunning boyfriend bought me for my birthday during his Ravelry adventure *laughs*

As the gauge for the pattern is given after blocking, I used 3 needle sizes to swatch (so that I didn't have to swatch, block, wait, see if the gauge was right, swatch again...) and got gauge on 5.5mm. The swatch also tells me that I love the way the yarn drapes at that gauge.

I followed the advice in Little Red in the City, and swatched appropriately for the fact that the garment is knit in the round - not a lot of point swatching flat as I know my gauge with purl rows is different.

I cast on last night, thanks to the fact that I have finished the knitting of my Shalom (though it needs blocking and buttons though, so not sure it'll be ready for Friday!)


  1. Beautiful pattern and yarn!

    Have you seen the Youtube video:

    "Sh*t knitters say" ?

    Your swatch made me think of it, it's pretty cute.

  2. I love seeing what you are up to...

    I've been having swatch adventures recently too! They are a bit of a pain in the butt aren't they?!!!

    I got some good advice from Zilredloh. Check it out:


    Keep sharing :)

  3. That sweater is so cute! Good for you swatching. I hope it works for you.

  4. Why does this sweater keep coming back into my life? Every time I forget about it, it shows up on someone's blog or on rav. I guess that I must knit it too at some point. I love the color you chose, this should be a great project!

  5. I haven't ever made a swatch before...perhaps I should think about doing that sometime :-) I love that sweater pattern! If I was a bit thinner I might attempt it :-)

  6. That is going to be a very nice sweater when it is done!

  7. Breaking the rules and swatching? You like to walk on the wild side don't you?

  8. I know, swatching is so not fun but it can save a ton of time in the end! That sweater is fabulous; can't wait to see yours.

  9. That sweater is so cute! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

  10. Nice job on the swatching. :) I never swatch... but then I never really knit stuff that has to fit. No one cares if a scarf is a bit off.

    One tip I heard from someone at knitting group was that, if you swatch for a finished piece that will be blocked, you should block your swatch as well to see if it changes the size at all.

    2 cents worth of brain power there. ;)

    - Alex

  11. Very cute color and cuter sweater. And swatches are a necessary evil.

  12. Ahhhhh, pretty pile of yarn and pretty pattern - I bet it WILL turn out fab!


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