Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stash Status Update #2

Last update: 14th February

Total stash (balls): 88.8
Total stash (meters): 17,705
Total stash (yards): 19,362

Since then, I know my stashbusting plans have gone somewhat awry *laughs* I came back from Vegas with this haul:

I also bought 4 balls of Felted Tweed on ebay. I've heard wonderful things about this yarn, and wondered how much it tended to go for, so I put in a low bid to keep an eye on it (as I always forget to check my watch list!). Somehow I won the yarn. Ooops ;)

Then I saw some Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in someone's destash on Ravelry (I know, I shouldn't look!) As it's one of my favourite yarns and is discontinued, I had a look... It happened to be my favourite colour, and a fantastically reasonable price. So I now have 10 balls *laughs*

And let's not forget the 2 skeins of sock yarn I received from my recent lovely swap partners:

Yeah, so much for destashing *laughs*

My consolation for the most part is that I am at least buying garment quantities of yarn, so I should reduce the single skeins of yarn with no purpose. And I have plans for much of the new yarn. I just need to knit faster *laughs*

Current totals:

Total stash (balls): 111.05
Total stash (meters): 21,666
Total stash (yards): 23,393.8


  1. Hey well at least you are buying good, quality yarn for dirt cheap. I'd say that is perfectly alright. Also I think that you will love Rowan Felted Tweed, it is one of my all time favorite yarns, I honestly cannot wait for the next chance I have to knit with it.

    1. This! Add my plus one to this comment. ;)

  2. They all look amazing!
    How do you buy from people's destashes on Ravelry? I tried to have a look, but couldn't seem to find a destash section?

  3. You know, all those yarns are beautiful and I know will get put to good use, so you shouldn't fret too much. Just keep knitting and you'll find that your stash will start to go down in no time.

  4. A certain amount of yarn is necessary to keep the creative juices flowing. I don't know what that amount is but you'll know when you're there:)

  5. I think my stash grows instead of decreases....and I know why! Love seeing your inventory!!

  6. As long as you still have room to move around your home, I don't see a problem. ;-) I'd love to try that Rowan.

  7. So many beautiful shades of blue! My stash just keep growing too...
    And I think I'll join you in your Cook From Cookbook Challenge :)
    I have too many cook books on the shelf ;)

  8. Well, it is hard to pass up such gorgeous yarn! (and that is exactly how my stash keeps growing and growing and growing!) :-)

  9. Naughty, naughty, but oh how lovely and you've done so well on the bargains. I'm really interested to know what you think about the felted tweed. I've seen some lovely patterns for it.

  10. Stashing doesn't count if it's a bargain :)

    DB alpaca silk was such a lovely yarn. You've just reminded me of the bag of it that I've had lurking around somewhere for years! I'll have to dig it out and work out a pattern for it. I've always wanted to try Felted Tweed too (I blame Mooncalf :)). You scored a lovely colour there. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it!


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