Monday, 5 March 2012

Cinnamon Experiment

I'm not sure this technically qualifies as a cookbook challenge, as I merely took inspiration for a recipe idea and then made up my own, but as I haven't posted one for a while it will have to do *laughs*

I wanted to make something similar to the cinnamon rolls I made ages ago, but a little more doughy and comforting. So I adapted about 5 recipes I found to make a combo tear apart/monkey bread type thing...

Recipe/what I did:

Made bread, using quantities specified on the bread packaging, but replacing the water with milk and a small amount of melted butter. Left bread to rise.

Mixed lots of melted butter with light brown sugar and cinnamon (to taste).

Tore chunks of the bread dough, dipped them in the sugar mixture and tumbled them into a baking pan. Poured over the remaining sugar mix.

Baked until the top was crisp.

Ok, so it's not very specific *laughs* But that's how I tend to cook, mostly by throwing things together and hoping for the best ;) And hey, it worked!

The bread was perfectly cooked, and so tasty. The sugar mixture had turned to almost a fudgy caramel on the bottom, and the top was crisp and sugary. Mmmmmm *grins*


  1. Sounds fabulous, and so you!

  2. oh that sounds so delicous, I'm so going to have to try that!!!
    thats very inventive of you!

  3. This really looks wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  4. That looks delicious!! I think adapting recipes totally qualifies for your challenge. It's even more, um, challenging:)

  5. I haven't made monkey bread yet but I really want to try. Glad yours turned out so well!

  6. Yum! No idea what monkey bread is but that looks really yummy.


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