Monday, 12 March 2012

Random Words

I was looking at random word generators this morning (as my default approach to having no blogging inspiration is often to look up random words and either post a list of them or find that my creativity has been triggered)...

Anyway, I found a site that creates made-up words. It sounds easier than it is, because making up pronounceable words, that look like they could be real, is surprisingly hard to do. So I've been having fun generating random words, and trying to come up with meanings for them *laughs*

All of the meanings below are completely made up, from my head.

Terbumaut - a species of insect related to the termite, with an enlarged rear end
Ceercom - A dotcom millionaire who made their money by seeing trends that others didn't anticipate
Ufleralla - sounds like a disease to me! Probably affecting the lungs.
Toness - a female singer with perfect tone and pitch, the opposite of someone who is tone deaf
Natagre - a combination of Natalie and Ogre - describing me when I haven't had enough sleep *laughs*
Ipol - a fake ipod
Tylylan - no idea what I think this could mean, I just like saying it!

Please do chime in with any fake explanations you come up with, this has been kinda fun *grins*

And here is an image that I think covers Natagre ;)


  1. Thank for the laugh on this early Monday morning. I think I will use this site for a morning English Roots class, should be fun.

  2. Tylylan sounds like something the dentist would give you to numb your mouth.
    These are so much fun!

  3. How would you even pronounce Tylylan? Heehee, this is a great fun!

  4. I love this! Tylylan: A type of Tylenol that eliminates every single pain you could possibly be feeling at that moment.


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