Thursday, 29 March 2012

Knitting for Others

Recently I've not been working much on the knitting for others part, although boyfriend's socks have finally seen a little bit of action.

But a few days ago I had a letter from my Gran asking if I would please knit something for her. As I made something for my Granddad (dishcloths for his workshop for Christmas) and have knit for my mum, brother and boyfriend, I thought it was probably about time I knit for Gran too.

She has requested a scarf, in grey yarn (possibly with some pink or maroon involved), light and wispy, and not too long... Everything else is up to me.

Mum and I deciphered the "wispy" to mean lacy rather than mohair type wispy *laughs*

So, I have procured some yarn that I think will work...

I did check my stash first to see if I had anything that would work, but unfortunately there was nothing that quite fit the bill, despite my over-abundance of grey yarn ;)


It's a silvery grey, with a subtle amount of colour range that includes some pink tones. It's light and also slightly wispy, it's lovely and soft but is also partially acrylic and therefore machine washable (I generally try to make gifts for other people as easy to care for as possible *laughs*) and not too expensive.

The cost part is key, as my gran is inisiting on paying for the yarn. As yarn has come a long way since she was a knitter, I have a feeling that she might be a little taken aback by what I would happily spend to make a scarf!

Now I just need to settle on a pattern and I'm all set to get started.


  1. Ooh, I've seen that yarn in Kemps before. It's got such a lovely sheen, hasn't it? It's a beautiful soft grey, sounds perfect for what your gran wanted!

  2. absolutely with you on making gifts easy to care for. someone once gasped that I was making my first niece a blanket that was part acrylic, but I refused to be apologetic about it - I know that if something's to be used (instead of saved as a precious heirloom) then it's got to be reliably washable!

  3. That yarn looks lovely! I'm sure your Gran will love it!

  4. I've never seen that yarn before, it looks amazon to knit with! Your grandmother is going to be so happy! I feel that just with the yarn alone you have fulfilled her specifications exactly. I'm really interested to see what pattern you end up picking to go with it.

  5. That yarn looks really pretty, probably even more so in real life. I can't wait to see what pattern you decide on.

  6. Oh that looks nice and soft. That does look nice and wispy to me.

  7. So pretty!! I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  8. That yarn looks like it'll be a dream! Definitely fits the "wispy" description.

  9. Grandmother presents are the best to make. I think they appreciate the effort more than the average family member. I'm sure she'll love whatever you make.

  10. I agree with Audry. I think your grandma will love whatever you make. She would definitely be stunned by today's yarn prices though!

  11. The yarn looks lovely. If you are still looking for a pattern the one row lace scarf on Ravelry is great


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