Thursday, 2 June 2011

Two Things

How imaginative a post title *laughs* Funnily enough, I have 2 things to post about today...

First: I mentioned in this post that I had received a skein of yarn from my Blog Hub swap. Well, the lovely lady I sent my parcel to received hers earlier this week, and posted about it here. Part of the plan was for everyone to post why they sent what they did, so here's why... (oh, and check out Ohdessa's picture of the parcel, it's much better than mine!)

The point of the swap was to post someone one ball from your stash, and that they could make something with... I sent this:

I used it for my shawl, and the stitch definition was lovely, the yarn is beautifully soft (in spite of being acrylic) and the colour is really saturated. Plus, I think it has enough length to make something out of!

I also threw in a partial ball of something else. I did think twice before including it (I didn't want anyone to think I was just sending scraps) but from reading her blog, Ohdessa really seems to like bright colours, so it seemed to fit.

Yep, it's the yarn from my happy socks!

Second: I came across this project yesterday... A month long photo blogging challenge

I keep intending to get better at taking photos (and fix my damn camera too!) so I thought I'd try and give this a go. As I don't tend to post at the weekends, I might take my photos then but blog them as a group the following week. Hope that fits in with the rules (which include the proviso that you have to take the picture on the day, or the day before... May need to be quite imaginative with some of my subjects in that case!)

As I missed yesterday, here are my first 2 shots:

1. Self Portrait (I am feeling very dopey, fuzzy and headachey today, so this is very representative of my "self" right now!)

2. My favourite shoes (I have too many shoes, and my favourites change weekly, but these are most likely my actual faves!)


  1. you have Iron Fist shoes. I R Jealous.

  2. I love your shoes!!!

    Also, thanks so much for commenting on my post yesterday. I responded back on my blog (didn't want to clog up yours :P)

  3. I have a great admiration for shoes, but I have never owned much more than a pair of sneakers and a pair of flip-flops, and half the time I'm barefoot anyway. But those are some damn cute shoes!

  4. Love the shoes! And I want the happy socks' sock yarn!


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