Monday, 27 June 2011

H is for... Home

Before starting today's post, I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who stopped by on Friday and commented on my Clapotis! I've never had so many comments, and I can tell you they made my day *grins*

Anyway, before I get too gushy, on to "H"

H for me is for Home. My mum's house will always be home, because it's where I grew up and it's family and history and all those things. But, I obviously have my own home too

My home is a little flat, with 4 rooms including the bathroom. It's tiny, although it does have a garden, and it's the first place I've lived in alone (without housemates or anything).

I have mentioned briefly before about my living room decor. I love the steampunk aesthetic, but I don't want to live in something that looks like a film set, so I have incorporated little touches here and there. It's more battered antique than steampunk perhaps, but it's exactly what I want.

Like this bookend (although I think it is supposed to be a doorstop)

One of my favourite things in my living room is the antique typewriter. It's all battered and could do with a good clean, but I like the way it looks as it is:

I love this little selection of bits and pieces, the globe was from Spitalfield Market, and was exactly what I'd been looking for. The glass bottle actually contained real ale (bought for my brother entirely because I wanted the bottle!). The metal box is a candle and was the inspiration for my mirror paint job.  And the test tubes were discovered by my mum in a little shop in Rhodes while we were on holiday. You can also just see the cogs bookend on the shelf below (it's made of plastic and I keep wanting to make a proper one, but I'm no metalworker!).

You've seen the top of this next item quite frequently, as it is where I take most of my pictures. Partly because this is where the best light is, and partly because I really like having it as a backdrop to my pictures. It's a Victorian travelling trunk, owned by a lady named Cybil Bury (her name is still marked on the top), picked up from an antique place in Rye for a steal *grins*

This is my fabulous Victorian pine blanket box, that mum suggested would work as a coffee table when I spotted it but couldn't decide if I should buy it or not.

Close up of the little stack of books at the end, with some old opera glasses balanced on top. Again, mum's idea (she has really great ideas, as soon as I described what I was trying to do, she immediately suggested vintage books).

So, that's a very small snapshot of my home. I have more globes dotted around, as well as cushions with map fabric and leather covers, but they were too bathed in sunlight to get decent pictures *laughs* It seems that taking pictures when it is sunny is almost as challenging as when it isn't, as you can tell from the sunflares ;)


  1. I love, love your Victorian travel trunks! Very cool :)

  2. What a neat idea it was for you to let us see snippets of the things you love that make your little flat a home.

  3. Very cool!!! I also have to say, being from the US, I love the term "flat!" We don't say that here but I watch BBC all the time and just think it's such a cute term! Thanks for sharing your decor with us!

  4. I love your globe! Thanks for a sneak peek into your home.

  5. You have such a decorative flair! You've done a great job of incorporating the Steampunk touches without overdoing it. (You do know there is a steampunk group on ravelry, right?

  6. Aww, I love all your decor! It's very cool! xD x

  7. What a nice post, thanks for sharing!

  8. It all looks so lovely. Very much my taste, but I had never heard the term steampunk before. I love that blanket chest. Thanks for letting us see into your home.

  9. OMG I love that box as a coffee table! And the accents on it are perfect!

  10. Love your treasure trove of goodies, esp. the typewriter and the doorstop!

  11. Wow i love your home, it's so beautiful, especially the typewriter. You should see if it works, it would be amazing to write on!


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