Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Photo Catch-up

As I don't post at the weekend, and I had my ABC meme yesterday, I thought I'd put up a bumper lot of 30 day photos today. Not sure if it really fits with the rules, but pictures were taken on the appropriate day, so I think I'm ok ;)

June 4th. Clouds, lack of. What can I say, the day I took this, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. If I took it today, the entire sky would be one giant, matt grey cloud. Neither would be visually exciting, but at least the blue is summery *laughs*

June 5th. Breakfast. I'm not really a breakfast sort of person... So I skipped this one.

June 6th. Books. Ages ago I saw something on a design blog that I thought was awesome - reversing all of your books so that the colours coordinate and look neater. So I did it to my main bookshelf. Ok, it makes it a little harder to find the book you want, but I do love the effect.


  1. Reversing your books on the shelf is so bizarre that it is fabulous!

  2. I've never seen anyone reverse their books like that. I agree it looks really interesting, especially with only a few facing spine out, but I think I'd get too frustrated every time I went to find something (which can be like 6 or 7 times a day!)


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