Friday, 17 June 2011


As I've posted before, my stash is now getting a little larger than expected *laughs*

I like having my stash, and I'm very happy with the new storage I have, it's a lot neater than just having the box. But I do seem to keep procuring more yarn and not using up what I have. I'd like to start knitting from my stash a little bit, if only because I bought the yarns in it for a reason! I like them and want to knit with them ;) So I will try and do so.

So, in a fit of organisation (unlike me, I know!) I have assigned projects to most of my stash on ravelry. I now have a nice queue of patterns to make, each allocated to a particular yarn in my stash. Now, I'm not going to say "the plan is..." because every time I say that, I immediately deviate from the plan! But at least I have an idea of what each yarn will end up being.

I have one caveat, I will be buying new yarn at Knit Nation, with no defined pattern plans *grins* There's just no point telling myself otherwise.

Before I can start on my new queue, I do need to finish my current WIPs. The Clapotis is top priority, as it has a deadline. But I still have an unfinished sock, my green cotton top, my mermaid scarf and my cabled bag. Having too many WIPs annoys me, so I don't want to cast anything else on until some of the others are cleared down.

I have decided, with a heavy heart, to frog the mermaid scarf *sad eyes* The mistake in it is confusing - I can't work out where I went wrong in order to fix it. I also don't really need a DK weight silk scarf right now, and would rather work on things that I do want to have.

The cabled bag shouldn't really take too long to finish, nor should the sock (although the jury is out on whether I will start the second sock right away or start on boyfriend's socks instead). The green top is taking forever, it's 4 ply and cotton, and I don't really enjoy knitting it. I haven't done anything on it for a while, so I will see how I get on next time I pick it up. If I still really don't enjoy the process, I will have to consider hibernating it or frogging it. As much as I want the product, life's too short to force myself to knit something I don't want to!

So, organisation of my plans for my stash and my plans for my WIPS complete... Just gotta get through the damn Clapotis now!


  1. If it were me, I'd totally finish both socks before starting the boyfriend's because I would love to look down and see those colors on my feet!

  2. I'm impressed with the organisation. I need to do that sometime soon... And finish the socks, they look amazing and the colous are fab!

  3. I always feel the same way, annoyed and frustrated when I have too many WIPs on the needles ... though it never stops me from casting on new things! Good luck with your stash plan.


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