Monday, 20 June 2011

G is for.... Gastronomy

I was really struggling to come up with a "G" word for this post... I hate gardening, I don't have a giraffe and I'm not called Graham... So, the subject is "gastronomy"

So, gastronomy...  I am an incredibly fussy eater but I love cooking (or maybe I love cooking because it means I know I'll like the food *laughs*). I have a small collection of cookbooks, perhaps a 10th of the selection my mum has, but I'm growing it ;)

One of my favourite recipe books, and one that really earns the "gastronomy" title is this one:

Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck Cookbook. Despite being extremely fussy, I one day will go and have the tasting menu at The Fat Duck. The book is amazing, split into 3 parts, one about the history of the recipes, how they came about and developed, one about the science and the middle section actually contains all of the recipes.

It's so cool to be able to see what goes into making each dish. I mean, there's no way on this earth that I would ever attempt any of them at home - my lack of liquid nitrogen and petri dishes is really holding me back ;) - but it's great to read about them.

My cooking is a lot less fancy of course. I'm definitely a home cook. Last night I made a chicken and leek lasagne:

It's good, even if it doesn't look all that fancy *laughs*

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  1. I too love cooking - curries are my favourite to make. Your Balsamic and Lemon Glazed Chicken sounds delicious!

  2. My hubby is the cook here. We have a few cookbooks, but rarely refer to them. I would love the recipe for the Balsamic and lemon glazed chicken, sounds yummy!

  3. Looks yummy - I envy people who like to cook! I do not like it, sad to say...

  4. Oh I've seen Heston here on the TV show Master Chef. I don't know if I'd eat his cooking but I love to see what he comes up with

  5. As long as it tastes good, I never care how a dish looks. I wish I could enjoy cooking. I'm such a messy, injury prone disaster in the kitchen.

  6. I hope you see the recipes I post at the end of my blog each week and also check out my tab Recipes I like. My husband didn't cook when we were first living together but soon learned and now what he is retired (I still work part time) he does a lot of the shopping and cooking.

  7. Your favourite recipes sound really yummy. I find that I get rather more pleasure out of reading recipes than I do from cooking. And the results when I try can be very variable. 'The Man Who Can' is a better cook than me. Just chooses not to do it.

  8. Tghanks for this, I don't really like cooking so appreciate people like you that baking, that's another matter (I have an incredibly sweet tooth!)

  9. I really dislike cooking, and I'm fussy! Luckily my boyfriend is an amazing cook so it's all good =)


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