Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summertime Swap

I got home yesterday to find this intriguing parcel waiting for me:

Hmmm... As I hadn't ordered a teapot I was very curious *laughs* The label on top indicated that it had come from Germany, which gave me a bit of a clue. You see, I don't know anyone in Germany, but I had signed up to a Ravelry swap, with participants from across the world.

Open opening the package, my guess was proved correct!

You see, the parameters of the swap are:

  • A skein of yarn
  • Your favourite cake recipe
  • A handmade item
  • Various other goodies, on a Summertime theme.
My swap partner sent a fab parcel, with this amazing sock yarn. 

It's called DrachenWolle - check out the awesome dragon on the label (I didn't get it in shot, but the steam from the dragon's nostrils forms the shape of a sheep)!

The colours are so summery, they remind me of pansies... See:

So, very happy with the yarn choice, but that's not all that was in my package. I also had this lovely handmade market bag. It is actually bright red, but my camera doesn't pick that up properly. 

Plus, all these goodies:

Body gloss, lip balm, some sweet treats, a heart shaped stone, a necklace, a floating candle (in the shape of a flip flop!) and cute flip flop shaped stitch markers *grins* How cool. 

My swap sender was quick off the mark, deadline for posting out isn't for a good few weeks - I'd better get on with mailing mine out now!

I'm really loving the fun of shopping for a swap, and finding exciting parcels waiting for me at home, so I've signed up to another one *grins* 


  1. Oh wow that parcel looks ace! Lucky you!!! :)

  2. Very nice package, love that yarn, the colors are fantastic!! What's the new swap?? I love doing them too, but usually find them after sign ups close.

  3. I've always loved the idea of a swap but I haven't found the right one for my level of brokeness yet. That is some pretty awesome yarn though, it made me think of eating ice cream at sunset.

  4. How fun to get a package from a random spot on the globe! I think I might have to sign up for an international swap.

  5. Very nice!! How fun - although I would have loved the tea pot too!! ;-D

  6. Love the sock yarn - fab colours (although I'd probably buy it just for the gorgeous dragon on the label!)


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