Thursday, 26 May 2011

Goodies :)

Yesterday was a day of knitting related goodness *grins*

Recently I signed up for my very first Ravelry swap, on the Blog Hub group. The aim of the swap was to send a ball of stash yarn to someone else (assigned by the lovely swap organiser The Underground Crafter). The parcel I sent doesn't seem to have arrived with its recipient yet, so I won't post any details of that... But, my parcel did arrive, all the way from Illinois!

Sara, from The Knitting Way, sent me this:

This was such a fantastic parcel to open, and Sara picked just the right colours for me *grins* Now I have to decide what to make, which will be the subject of future blog posts. I'm excited to start looking at patterns...

That's not where the knitting goodies ended yesterday either... A friend passed on some yarn their mum no longer uses...

I am now the owner of 6 balls of this:

Studley Pastiche. It's almost impossible to get a good picture of this, but trust me when I say the colours are beautiful. Blues and purples and greens and ochre... Much deeper and darker than the picture above, which is very washed out *frowns* It's an acrylic/mohair mix, that's very soft, with some sparkly looking stuff in there (technical I know, but there's very little info about this online!) I'm thinking some sort of wrap will show this off.

I also have 12 balls of this:

Jaeger Monte Cristo DK, in a lovely navy blue. It's a cotton/acrylic mix, which feels so much softer than pure cotton. And it's Jaeger, very posh ;) I'm thinking that a pattern from my Breeze book, as they're all cotton based, so I need to get thinking as I have 1200m of it.

I also got a stash of vintage knitting patterns, very 80s so I don't know that I'll knit any as written, but really fun to look through (I'll take some pictures at some point). Plus a book of cross stitch lettering, and she didn't even know I'd taken up cross stitch *grins* Genius ;)

And, finally, a great bundle of knitting needles, in loads of sizes I didn't already have and some useful things:

A needle sizer and some stitch holders.

Overall, a damn good day for a knitter. All I need now is a bigger stash box ;)


  1. Yummy yarns in such yummy colors! Now I have to run to Michaels to get a quick petting fix!

  2. I love vintage yarn and yarnie hand-me-downs!

  3. So glad that my choice was a good one for you. I can't wait to see what it becomes. You had a very lucky day indeed! I received a big box of knitting needles from a woman at work when I began knitting. I contained patterns, every size straight and circular needles and many dpns as well. I couldn't believe me luck at that time. We knitters are watched over by special knitting angels!


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