Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Now, I know my intention was not to buy any more yarn for a while, so that I could use up some of my stash, creating more room in my storage system.

And that still stands (with the stated exception of Knit Nation). However, buying yarn is not the only way to acquire yarn *laughs*

Yesterday, a friend from work came in with 2 huge bags of assorted yarn that his lovely lady no longer uses.

Like I said, huge bags! Lots of different types  in there - quite a few mohair blends, lots of DK but also some chunky, some strange and interesting ones...

There are 2 balls (although they're more like tubes) of this Lion Brand acrylic. It's an American yarn as I understand it, and I've quite wanted to get my hands on some for a while, just because. Not sure how old it is, as the label looks pretty vintage ;)  As always, my camera refuses to acknowledge the existence of red, so it looks kinda orange here.

Talking of orange, I was quite excited to find this in the batch:

I think I may have previously mentioned that I like orange *giggles*

In the strange and interesting collection, there are these:

A boucle called Emu Florentine, and 3 sets of King Cole Exotique in different colours. Not entirely sure what one would do with any of these, definitely out of my usual style, but the Exotique is remarkably soft. Any suggestions most welcome!

This guy from work is a big fan of my knitting, and shows great excitement at what I make, especially when I made socks. In fact, I believe his response was "They look like actual socks" - which may have been offensive had it not been my exact reaction too ;)

Trying to fit it all into my stash drawers was a bit of a logistical challenge, I no longer have my WIP drawer as that has been taken over, but I did actually manage to get it all in! Now to find things to do with it *laughs*


  1. There's an adorable baby hoodie in that Exotique yarn on Ravelry.

    I've had a workmate promise me bags of yarn, but it hasn't materialised yet...

  2. Beautiful yarn! That Lion Brand is old, I don't think they sell it anymore. Have fun!!!

  3. Oh my. That Lion Brand is quite old.

    It always begins with an overflowing drawer. Then suddenly it's two drawers. Then you've got skeins tucked into the unused soup pot...


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