Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mollie Makes - Issue 2

I know I'm a bit behind on this, most people blogged about the first issue but I couldn't get hold of a copy. As I bought issue 2 yesterday, I thought I'd post my thoughts :)

Firstly, I love the fact that the magazine is a non-standard size, and that the pages (especially the cover) are matt paper rather than shiny... What can I say, I'm a sucker for interesting design ;) I also love that the free gift comes in a little paper pouch, instead of the more usual plastic wrap. It makes the whole thing feel a little more classy than a regular magazine.

Content wise, I like the fact that there is a range of stuff, with tutorials, ideas and spotlights on different shops/websites. I was a little disappointed that there weren't more tutorials, and that the focus was firmly on sewing and crochet. It would be nice to see some knitting content and there are plenty of little projects out there that could easily fit with the style of the magazine.

I'm pretty sure I'll have a go at the strawberry pin-cushions from the front cover, it looks like a fun pattern to use up some fabric scraps. I like that the article has a bit of information about the history of this type of pincushion, that was really interesting.

The article on where to shop in Bath was really cool, highlighting shops that I'd probably never find as a visitor to the city. Of course I now want to go to Bath to find them all! The millions of cool websites featured may also be problematic for my wallet *laughs*

Overall, I think I quite like it. I'll wait for the next couple of issues before I decide whether or not I want to subscribe, or buy regularly, but I do like the fact that it seems to combine a design magazine with a craft magazine.


  1. My mom and grandmother always used strawberry pincushions and for the longest time I thought they ONLY made pincushions as strawberries! It'd be fun to see your version of them!

  2. I've so far resisted as I find the price of mags so offputting compared to the value for money I get from books and yarn. It does look a very pretty magazine though.

  3. Oooh! How cute! I wish we could get this in the states!

  4. After calling around I managed to snag issues 1 & 2 and must say, I wasn't bowled over.

    I agree with Ms C, these magazines are rather expensive for what they offer. I went with the 3 issues for £5 subscription and will reassess after the third. I probably should have prefaced with: I'm not a magazine person. Perhaps this shapes my opinions. but yay for another UK crafting mag.


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