Thursday, 9 June 2011

So Many Patterns, So Little Time

I have been very remiss and completely forgot to post about this book:

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Yarn About Yarn, there were 3 books in the giveaway, I said I'd choose A Knitting Wrapsody, and lucky for me, the random number generator picked me to have it!

It's a really interesting book, with lots of wraps/scarves/stoles (unsurprisingly I guess, given the title *laughs*) One thing that's quite interesting, the author has drawn a lot of inspiration from crochet. I've seen crochet patterns that emulate knitting, but I've not really come across it the other way around.

My favourite pattern is the one on the cover, but there are a few that I may have to make...

Right now, I'm trying to knit from stash (as you may have noticed the growth in storage requirements *grins*), so I have been busily organising things on Ravelry. I have all of my yarn logged in there, and have been assigning each one to a pattern.

In spite of my ADOLS (Attention Deficit...Oooh, Look, Shiny), I'm hoping to work through at least a chunk of the patterns I've picked, using the yarn I already have. As much as I love acquiring new yarn, I seem to get it, be excited about knitting with it and spend a while planning what to make, get something new in the meantime, get very excited about what I can make with that... And the circle goes on ;)

Having yarns and patterns linked together means that I should (hopefully!) work my way through. The difficulty is that there are so many patterns, and I don't knit fast enough for my liking! Of course I already have plenty of WIPs on the go as well.

Of course, there are also loads of patterns that I want to make, that I don't yet have the yarn for *sigh* But I should avoid buying the yarn for those when I already have so many other projects I can complete without spending more money and overloading my entire house!


  1. Another win!! Yeah!! Lucky girl :)

  2. I was kind of in the same place where I had things I could knit, but not things I wanted to knit - until my wings of course!

  3. Lovely book and well done! And buying yarn just for project doesn't work if you already have too many projects, it just sits in the stash! But stash is good!


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