Thursday, 16 June 2011

Photo Catch-up 2

To save cluttering up my blog with daily picture posts, I think I'll stick with my usual trick of posting a bunch of my photos at the same time, that was it's easy to skip past for people who aren't interested in my crappy photography skills *laughs*

So, I got as far as books, skipped high angle, which takes us to:

June 8: Sunset. It's been so rainy and cloudy lately that I was pleasantly surprised to actually have a sunset of which to take a picture on the appropriate day! I took a whole bunch of shots, and for some reason my favourite was this one from the car. If I was being arty about it, I'd say that I find the juxtaposition between the calm serenity of the sunset and the sense of movement to be unexpected and interesting ;)

June 9: Fresh Fruit. Yeah. So, this is about as close as I get to fresh fruit on a regular basis ;) I do like grapes though, I just didn't have any at the time. But look, 25% fruit juice... that counts right?!

June 10: Animal. I nearly took a picture of my muppet t-shirt with Animal playing the drums, but it was in the wash *sigh* As boyfriend and I don't have any pets, I staged this with a Pilchard cuddly toy I won out of the grabber machines at Lyme Regis; see it's like a real cat photo, only with a bright blue cat *grins*

June 11: Silhouette

June 12: Sun flare - yeah right, no sun to flare!

June 13: Reminds you of childhood. These are Snuggle Bunny. On the left you have Snuggle Bunny #1, a gift from my nanny on the day I was born *fond smile* Many years later my mum found an identical one, Snuggle Bunny #2 on the right there, and of course she had to buy it! One or other of the two has been on my bed from birth until only a few years ago, when they were retired to an airtight box due to the fear of disintegration caused by over-love.

I haven't done any more so far - the greyness of the outside world is sapping my inclination. I'll probably post more next time I have a batch. I quite like having to remind myself to take more pictures, so I'm definitely enjoying the challenge.


  1. I love your snuggle bunnies. :-)

    I have a very flat teddy bear that my grandmother gave to me for my very first Christmas.

  2. I sadly do not have my bear from when I was born, but I do have my tiger I got when I was 12, he actually rides on the dash of my car!

  3. I love your Silhouette photo - very moody. I understand the fruit gum thing, I get my daily allotment of vegetables from ketchup.


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