Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sock It To Me

Ok, so even though I haven't quite finished my second sock (I've finished the gusset, so just the foot and toe to do...) I have become somewhat addicted *laughs* I should have guessed this would happen.

Being that I don't really do things by halves, I thought I ought to dive in and get myself some more sock yarn pronto. Thanks to very fortuitous delivery timings, my parcel arrived last night at exactly the right moment to cheer me up after a trip to the dentist ;)

Zauberball *grins* I love the name, I love the colours and I love that the ball looks so much more fun than a lot of ready-balled yarns.

Of course, when I was adding it to my stash page on Ravelry, I discovered that I do already have another ball of sock yarn that I'd totally forgotten about:

Hmmmm, bit of an orange theme going on. How surprising *chuckles* I shall have to have happy orange feet. Now, I feel like I should perhaps not buy any more sock yarn until Knit Nation in July... But really, given I have this new obsession, how likely do you think that is?!

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