Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Thanks to a lot of work related stuff taking over at the moment, I have no craft news to post about :(

I haven't managed to get any knitting done since Sunday, which feels a little strange actually. Having said that, my frantic sock finishing during the whole of the day did leave my wrist feeling somewhat tender, so a break is probably a very good thing *grudging smile*

Part of the work stuff I've been focused on this week included a big meeting yesterday. I wore my hooded cardigan and got a lot of impressed noises when I told people I'd made it myself. I did have to bask in the glow a little, especially when I pointed out the short amount of time I've been knitting *tries to rein in the smug pridefulness, lest I get kicked in the butt by my next project!*

Anyway, I hope to have interesting, inspiring or at the very least, colourful posts soon... Honest ;)

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