Monday, 23 May 2011

C Is For.... Chaos!

Crafting chaos to be exact *laughs*

This was my coffee table earlier today. In fact, this is only part of the choas that overtook the table, but the mess was too much to show off ;)

As you can see, there was some knitting progress, but I'll give an update on that on Wednesday.Today, I thought I'd share a few other crafts I have recently started playing with (and by recently, I mean this weekend!)

I bought a jewellery making kit on ebay last week, during my mad ebay splurge, mainly because I wanted to make my own stitch markers... and here they are:

They're just very simple, but I really like them *smiles* In fact, I am now using 2 of them on my green top, replacing the very boring ones I did have ;)

But of course I couldn't just make a few stitch markers when I had a whole kit of stuff, especially due to the number of random beads and things I seem to have acquired over the years. So I made a bracelet

I also made some matching earrings, but they didn't photograph well, so no picture.

Then I made another bracelet, this time with evidence (albeit upside down evidence) of the matching earrings ;)

But that's not all folks... Oh no, more crafts were contributing to the chaos...

Of course, I was then on a roll... Inspired by some of the beautiful designs of Mooncalf, I cross stitched a very simple heart, paired it with some heart fabric I got free in a magazine, plus a stripy accent fabric, and made myself this pin cushion:

I have to say, I really love this. My sewing skills are improving, and the lines now almost match up ;)

So, knitting, sewing, beading and cross stitch... I'd say it was a fairly crafty weekend ;)

For more "C is for" posts, head on over to The Accidental Knitter's blog and check out the links.


  1. Wow, you were busy! That photo of your coffee table is sooo familiar - mine looks exactly like that when I've got a crafting splurge on!

  2. Wow! I could almost feel the chaos coming right through the computer.
    But in a good and inspiring way.

  3. LOL!! I love it! I need to show my husband I'm not the only one with crafty chaos!! Your work is very beautiful - it's well worth the chaos! ;-D

  4. Wow! You went crazy! Good for you for trying something new! It sure does fire up the imagination. I'm loving the jewelry :)

  5. Thanks for dropping by me on Friday and for your comment re my space redo.

    I think I need to pull up a chair now that I'm here at yours ... :D ... you do beautiful work; those stitch markers and the pillow are DIVINE!!!!!

  6. What lovely things. Love the purple/amethyst and silver bracelet. I could walk right away with it.

  7. Purple & silver bracelet - nice - I'm inspired!!

  8. I love the bookmark! What's the wedsite with the video game related crafts? I'd love to look at it!

  9. Nice! I love homemade stitch markers. The pin cushion is so cute!

  10. Wow.. you were a busy busy bee! Everything looks fab :)

  11. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, it was fun trying something new, so good feedback is good!

    @GirlAnanchronismE - the site is Sprite Stitch - it's pretty cool ;)


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