Friday, 13 May 2011


Ah, finally, blogger is working again. I wanted to post something and have been refreshing the page all day just to get on here. Now that I have, I feel like my post should really be much better than it is, but hey ;)

So, after a hectic week with no knitting at all *shock* I did a few rows of my cotton top last night. I've finished the horizontal rib section at the bottom and have moved onto needles that are 0.5mm larger for the next piece. So much better! The 2.25mm were really killing my poor fingers.

Progress is not looking like much since the last time I posted a picture, but here it is anyway...

I'm pleased with the fact that I now have a better idea of how the fabric is going to come out, it's a lot softer and drapier (is that a word?!) than it started off. In fact, the yarn in the ball feels really hard and not nice at all, so it's a relief to know it won't be like that against my skin!

So, why is this post titled "genius!"...?

Well, remember the cookbook stand I bought over Easter *pauses for nods* I have repurposed it to hold my knitting book:

I am a very tidy person when it comes to books, I never crack the spines or fold down corners. This book kept insisting on closing itself while it was propped up on my sofa next to me, making it a lot harder to keep track of where I was. This stand now means it is upright in front of me, kept neat and tidy and always on the right page *grins*

Ok, so if this is what I consider genius, and I am actually quite chuffed with it, I may need to get out a bit more *laughs* Until then, I shall knit away with my new pattern holding apparatus ;)

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  1. Le gasp! That is genius! Now I have to get one too!


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