Monday, 16 May 2011

B is for....

Last week I was so excited to post my very first sock on Monday that I completely forgot I was planning to participate in the ABC challenge, with a post every Monday through the alphabet. So, here I am this week, sorry for being late to the party everyone, but I brought snacks ;)

B is for.... I was going to do "blogging", but I noticed that a couple of other people have done that and I don't really have a lot to say that hasn't already been covered ;)

So, what should my "B" be for?


I love bags. I am a handbag fiend *cheeky grin* In fact, I was just trying to remember how many I have:

  • Black Radley work bag 
  • Black Radley handbag
  • Brown Radley bag
  • Taupe Radley (sensing a brand theme here?! *laughs*)
  • Red bowling bag
  • Teal bowling bag
  • Greenish shoulder bag
  • Little white bag with a strawberry on
  • Little blue canvas shoulder bag
  • Marvin the Martian messenger bag
  • Leather A4 sized rust coloured bag with circles on
  • Cream, black and gold clutch
  • Tiny black evening bag
  • Large pink fake Mulberry style
  • Blue patterned overnight bag

So, I have a fair few bags, and I'm sure I've forgotten a few! (what can I say, I like to coordinate with my outfit ;) )

But, and this is a big but... I don't have a knitting bag.

I have a little make-up bag that carries my DPNs, darning needle, stitch markers, scissors etc, but no project bags. I just haven't found the right one yet. I'm not a huge fan of tote bags, and I don't know what else to look for. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!

I think the problem is that I haven't found a knitting bag that I would use regardless of whether it had my knitting in or not, and that's kinda what I want. Maybe what I'm looking for is a handbag big enough to also have a (small) knitting project in... 

To avoid a pictureless post (because I don't like posting without any pictures), this is what my Marvin the Martian bag looks like... It would be great if it actually had some compartments, but it takes forever to find anything in...


  1. Wow, and I thought I had a lot of bags! Why don't you make yourself a project bag? Then it can be exactly what you need it to be.

    p.s. love the Marvin bag!

  2. I love bags too but tend to stick to the same one for months.

  3. Awesome Marvin the Martian bag! Love it. I used to have a Marvin the Martian mouse pad. Good times.

  4. I love bags too. I'm ashamed to say I have a LOT. Namaste knitting bags are nice - a lot of people use the Zuma as an everyday bag as well as aa knitting bag.

  5. That's what I need, a combo bag. Whenever I go anywhere, I walk out the door with at least 3 bags. My purse, my knitting project bag, and the bag which holds my Ipad, ipod, phone, etc.

  6. I love bags too but somehow always think there has to be a better one out there after it buy a new one!!

  7. I would definitely consider knitting yourself a project bag! Perhaps you could line it, and then add zip compartments, that's what I'm doing :D But that Marvin bag is awesome.

  8. I love bags too, and really like your Marvin one. I make my own project bags, but they couldn't really be described as 'combination'. Definitely knitting bags is what they are.

  9. Thanks for the suggestions ;) I did consider knitting myself one, but I have so much other stuff I want to knit too!

  10. Wow, that's quite a collection! Namaste bags are lovely or Jordana Paige for knitting/going out/work combo bags. Della Q are rather nice, too.

  11. Hehe I saw your Marvin the Martian bag, and I was just wondering what it looked like when I saw you'd posted a picture. Very cute! As for a knitting bag, why don't you knit one? Then it's exactly what you want aaand an excuse to buy more yarn!

  12. I wonder if a large diaper bag would make a good project bag?


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