Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I Could Have Done That*

At the weekend I went to the Tate Modern to have a look at some art.

I was really glad I went this weekend, as it was the last weekend of the sunflower seeds:

I love this exhibit, although I'm not sure why. It just seems so very peaceful.

This next one I saw towards the end of my wanderings. A photo of it doesn't have nearly the same effect, but in person it totally scrambled my eyes!

I loved this part of an installation (the rest of which I didn't love)

It's silly - all it is is a bunch of pieces of card and paper painted red and nailed to the wall, but I really love it. I tend to doodle geometric-ish shapes like this, plus it was one of the few pieces of art in the whole place where the explanation of what it represented didn't make me laugh/snarl/roll my eyes/furrow my brow in confusion *laughs*

And finally, on my mini tour of the stuff I quite liked...

This was one of 6 huge canvases that the artist had painted on, scraped, painted, wiped...etc  Not to everyone's taste, I appreciate, but for some reason I really liked it. 

So, in conclusion, fun day out but a lot of stuff to see, much of which did nothing for me. I also discovered that I have no recollection of who any of the artists were...Oops ;)

Anyway, here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's feature (to prevent this being an entirely craft free post!)

* "Modern Art = I could have done that + Yeah, but you didn't." Can't remember where the quote came from originally, my brother has always quoted it and it's funny how often while walking around the gallery I'd think "I could make that myself"!


  1. I'm starting to think the point to modern art is to show us such simple novelties that we are inspired to create more art.

  2. I love this interpretation!


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