Thursday, 19 May 2011

I Won Something!

This is fairly rare for me, so please forgive any overexcitement ;) The last thing I won was when I was a kid and although it was a damn good prize (a computer), it was arguably my mum who won it but put my name on the entry form *smiles fondly*

So, I won something, and even better, it's yarn! A skein of Brookly Tweed Shelter, to be precise. Thanks to a great giveaway on Mighty Distractible, from the very lovely Alex and Cassandra (who found it funny that they were posting 100% American wool to a country with as much wool as the UK... I see their point!)

It is absolutely lovely (and, in what will sound weird to most people but I figure knitters will get it, it smells really good!). It's springy and soft, but also rustic and sheepy-feeling, if that makes any sense at all!

Boyfriend was a little taken aback by the texture when I handed it to him, but then he's used to me handing him silk blends to smoosh. Once I explained that it's a very different type of wool, with its own style and benefits, he got it ;) He did look at me strangely when I told him to smell it though!

In my parcel was a lovely card, and a bonus gift of this cool postcard (from Chicago I believe) *laughs*

So now I have to decide what to make with the yarn... Tough choice. From reviews I've read, people recommend something with cables, as apparently the yarn really makes them pop. I don't wear hats often, and I don't want to waste the yarn on something I won't be able to show off much, so I came up with a couple of other options...

I'm torn between these mitts:

© MissBecca

And this bag, that is really pretty and I think would work well (especially when lined with something to bring out the colour of the yarn)

© Jennifer Jones

I'm itching to cast this on, and I think I'm leaning towards the bag, but first I need to make better progress on my current WIPs.... But knowing me, this may end up on the needles sooner than planned ;)


  1. Lucky you! It's lovely to win things. I think both the mitts and bag will look lovely. Do you think you will use the bag though? It will be quite small. Mind you it will be perfect for a night down the pub with enough space to carry purse, phone and keys. Ignore me - make the bag, you'll use it!

  2. We're so glad you love the yarn! Can't wait to see the finished product! And yes, the postcard was made by an indie letterpress shop in Chicago. :)

  3. @stitched together - *laughs* I like the stream of consciousness there ;) I think I will use the bag, more so than the mitts probably

    @ alex & cassandra - it's lovely yarn, thank you :)

  4. Awesome win! I'm quite fond of the smooshy cables of the bag myself, can't wait to see what you make with it!

  5. I vote for the bag! the yarn is a little scratchy for gloves in my opinion.


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