Monday, 22 August 2011

P is for... Plans

You may have noticed, if you've read a few of my posts, that I seem to come up with a lot of plans. And then I deviate from said plans. Then I make new plans *laughs*

Hopefully this has been less evident lately. Not because I have stopped making plans, but because I have stopped mentioning them, to save the inevitable sheepish post when it all changes... "yeah, so, about that plan I told you about..." ;)

My first plan, I think, was to knit one thing at a time *laughs* That lasted all of about a week. Then I upped it to 2 things at a time. My WIP/UFO list is currently as follows: (by the way, UFO stands for Unfinished Object, and not Unidentified Flying Object - just in case you hadn't seen that before - took me ages to work that one out!)

Blanket (ongoing)
My Kool aid socks (ongoing)
Cria (slow going)
Green cotton top (hibernating, unlikely to be resurrected, but we'll see)
Feather and fan scarf (bet no one can even remember this, it's been at least 9 months since I worked on it)

So, plan to limit WIPs was not entirely successful *sheepish grin* 

Then there was the plan in March to use up some older stash by knitting a cushion cover, followed by a post not even a week later, entitled "New Plan"... That was the point at which I tried to stop putting restrictions on my knitting, which takes all the fun out of it for me. Some plans are good, although I'm trying to think of them as aims rather than plans, but rigidly defined rules are not for me. 

My most recently stated aim was to not buy any more yarn for a while, given that I could knit from stash for probably about the next 12 months. I bought some goodies at Knit Nation in July (which was part of the plan) and have been working through my stash since then. I even went to a yarn shop with my mum and didn't buy anything. Why do I mention this plan? Well, there may have been a small purchase that snuck through *laughs* Pop back tomorrow to see ;) 

The best laid plans, and all that *grins*


  1. LOL!!! I know that feeling all too well! Creative people shouldn't plan - we're too impulsive! How boring would life be if we stuck to all of those plans though? A little excitement of shaking it up is always fun, right?!

  2. It's nice to see that someone else didn't quite get the hang of project monogamy this year either... lol. As far as Feathers and Fans scarf - I thought you finished and just never shared or I missed it.

    Oh well, the best laid plans morph into better laid plans, don't they.

  3. I am so there with you. Lists, I make lists! And then promptly change the list. This is very evident in my knitting life, I never complete a KAL as planned, I end up dropping out, ripping out, and changing what I am knitting! Can't wait to see the yarn!

  4. I think we all have these plans at one time or another, I surely did this spring. By June I was back to my old habits! But it's nice for a moment to have a plan!

  5. Ah yes, the plans... alas everything always works out in the end, doesn't it.

    There's no fun if you plan everything :)

  6. I'm sorry for not letting you know sooner, we had no internet connection today. I have awarded your blog with an award. Please go check my blog.

  7. Yep, planning. I do a lot. I do it for a living. I'm pleased to say that most of the work related ones do better than the knitting related ones. The stack of UFOs is a bit out of control. And I will never carry out all the ideas in my head. But one can dream. Congratulations on your award.

  8. I am not a planner. It has something to do with being unreasonably superstitious. Sometimes, though, spontaneity can also bite you in the butt.

  9. P for Plans, I never even thought of that!!

    I tried the 'one WIP at a time' thing, but it wasn't for me. Well done on only buying one item at your LYS. I walk in there with the intention of just buying a skein of yarn that I actually need, and walk out with about 5 things. Really should work on that...


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