Monday, 14 March 2011

New Plan...

So, I gave up on my plan for the cushion cover *rolls eyes at self* I know my previous plan was to finish that and then I could buy new yarn and make an exciting new project, but, well, it didn't happen...

I started, and put it down and looked at it and picked it up and generally struggled to make myself want to knit it. So soon after the brown jumper, I wasn't sure if I could bear more brown knitting ;) So I glared at it for a bit and generally avoided knitting anything at all.

Then I stopped myself, and thought about things without trying to come up with some rules about what I will allow myself to do. And I came to the conclusion that there is no point making myself do anything. I knit for my own enjoyment, and if my unnecessary, self imposed rules are sucking all the fun out of it then there's something wrong.

Therefore I came up with a new plan. No knitting of things I don't want to knit. Simple, huh?!

Of course, now that I've given myself a break, I actually decided I wanted to knit the kidsilk aura jumper that I'd already bought the yarn from in the sales - so I am in fact following my plan to reduce the stash of yarn before buying more *laughs* Oh, how contrary my brain is!

Anyway, enough rambling...

Over the weekend I knit the front and back of the jumper, it's the To Dye For one from Stitch n Bitch. Well, sort of, I'm making some modifications ;)

According to the pattern, this is the back. But I really like the way the neckline looks, so I decided to make the front and back the same and seam together at the shoulders. Theoretically, this should result in a straight necked sort of look (which I really love and can never find anything that has one).

I really like how open the stitching is, and I was quite haphazard with my tension so that it would be fairly unstructured...

My plan for the sleeves also involves some modifications - instead of the long, bell sleeves in the pattern, I'm planning to do elbow length sleeves instead. There are 2 very good reasons for this... Firstly, I don't like sleeves that I can't roll up, and I'm hopeless with bell sleeves, I manage to drag them through everything! Secondly, I miscalculated the number of balls I needed to make the pattern, and probably don't have enough to finish the sleeves to their full length!

But the first reason is the main one. Honest *grins*

Annoyingly, even in natural light, the camera on my iphone refused to pick up the correct colour.This is at least pretty close...

Mmmmm, warm and fuzzy and purple. I'm really hoping my modifications work, because if they do then I have a feeling I will have a new favourite *crosses fingers*

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