Thursday, 4 August 2011

More Presents...

Look what my mum bought me:

How cool *grins* I've wanted to try and learn crochet so that I can do amigurumi for ages, and now I have just the impetus.

Guess what everyone will be getting for Christmas *laughs*


  1. Alex and I have the same crochet aspirations! Super fun!!


  2. So jealous! I've often ogled that book in the store, but haven't found it on sale (or at a library) yet. And hooray for learning crochet/amigurumi! I hope you end up loving it. :)

  3. good luck learning how to crochet, i'm on the opposite end & need to learn to knit. :)

    have fun, the book looks super cute.

  4. "Everyone"?? I'll send you my address. ;) Just kidding...have fun with the crochet; that robot is adorable!


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