Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Knitting Blahs...

I have the Blahs...

I haven't really done any knitting in the last week. I've cast on a couple of things and decided not to bother, tried to knit socks with my sock yarn before realising I had the wrong sized DPNs and generally not been quite getting what I wanted out of the whole process. Plus I have a cold, so my mojo has definitely gone walkabout.

I think part of the problem is my (self-imposed) need to use up some of the yarn I have sitting around. None of which is suitable for any of the lovely new patterns I got for my birthday. I'm such a sucker for shiny and new *rolls eyes*

I tried using up some of the balls of double knit I bought to make blanket squares out of, before deciding that a DK blanket wouldn't be cosy enough. I actually like the idea I came up with - a really long, really skinny scarf, with random stripes of the different colours. I got this far:

Then I gave up. I had thought that the 2 stitches wide garter edging would be enough to stop it curling in, but no *sigh* Ok, so I've learned something from it at least. I discovered this fairly early on but kept going to see if I would like it curled in. I have now decided that I don't. I am, however, quite impressed with how neatly my colour changes looked - first time I've tried starting a new row with a new ball, and I was convinced I'd be dropping edge stitches and getting in a mess!

So now I've cast on to make a cushion cover out of the aran I have leftover from my brown jumper (not sure what went wrong, but I appear to have nearly 3 balls of the stuff left despite buying only just over the amount I needed *raises eyebrow* weird)

No picture yet, because I did about 10 rows on Monday then got fed up and read a book instead *sheepish smile* Which is actually a good thing, as I haven't been reading nearly as much since I started knitting, so it was nice to get properly stuck in.

Fingers crossed that my mojo comes back soon... If I can finish this cushion cover then I shall reward myself with yarn for a new project, stash-busting be dammed ;)


  1. I have the same or knit? Especially because I don't do audio books. It's definitely a balance.

    Love the colors you used.

  2. I don't do audio books either - I find get too distracted from the story if someone else is reading it to me.

    Thanks for your comment about the colours - I'm very into brown/cream/neutral colours at the moment... At least everything matches!


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