Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Best Laid Plans

I mentioned yesteday about my excellent plans to avoid buying more yarn, thanks to my already overflowing stash. Well, I am actually getting through some of the stash, and have decided to donate some yarn to charity - stuff I know I'll never, ever use. 

That sounds like excellent justification for my small slip off the wagon, right? *laughs*

While at Knit Nation, I fell in love with Old Maiden Aunt yarns. I didn't buy any, thanks to my lack of need for sock yarn. But I started just keeping an eye on the website so I'd know when it was updated with new stock. You know, just for information *laughs*

And then I saw a yarn entitled "Orange Test #2", from the testing section (where new dyelots are trialled, some successfully, others not so much). And it was orange (ish), and cheaper than the usual yarns, and in stock, so I obviously had to have it ;)

It is almost impossible to get the colour exactly  right, it's a gorgeous russety brown, the picture below is pretty close anyway... I love it *grins*

Not yet sure what it will become though.

In other news...

I have an award *grin*

In fact, I have 2, because (and please don't desert me for having a giant head) I was nominated by 2 people... I know, right?! Thank you to Charlotte and RugbyMad :) I'm very flattered.


  1. Hey, you were just being helpful and buying their mistake-that-looks-pretty-freaking-awesome!! It was your good deed for the day.

  2. It's just best to admit you have an addiction. It's the same one that I have. The love of pretty, pretty, yarn. Hey, it's better for you then lots of other things and if you're going to have a vice it might as well be a healthy one.

  3. I absolutely agree with Keri!


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