Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Misadventures in Yarn Shopping...

I mentioned last week that my mum came to visit over the weekend. We had a lovely relaxing spa break on Thursday and on Friday we headed out to find a yarn shop.

I want to knit mum something for Christmas, but decided it would be best to consult rather than surprise her, to make absolutely sure I made something she'd like. So we wanted to go and look at some patterns and get the yarn.

We had an interesting time trying to achieve this goal *laughs* We headed to the first shop, but the roads have obviously changed significantly recently and the sat nav just couldn't cope. So we gave up on that one. The next one we did find, a tiny little place called "The Wool Shop". I did actually buy a pattern, but I'm not keen on a yarn shop that has all of the yarn behind the counter, I want to feel it and smoosh it before I decide to buy! Anyway, it didn't have what we wanted so we headed onwards...

To a house. Apparently the yellow pages app hasn't been updated in a while and sent us to a residential area. No yarn shop there. Next stop was Maidenhead, where the first shop we found may have been categorised as a yarn shop but appeared to only sell fabric *sigh* We really weren't doing very well by this point! However we did have a good look through some charity shops, where I found a couple of retro patterns to buy:

I want to make myself a cricket jumper in cream, with black and pink stripes, so I was pleased to pick up a pattern for that. Obviously there will be some modification required, but it should work. And the other pattern interested me enough to splash out 25p on it *laughs*

Anway, we decided to try one more shop. Which turned out to actually be a yarn shop... Yay ;)

Mum found a pattern, but they didn't have enough of the right yarn (no matter, the internet has already come to the rescue on that score). Plus she also picked up some lovely yarn in the bargain bin, £1 a ball:

We decided to try and find a pattern online for this, as the lady in the shop was really not very helpful at all.

More amazingly though, I didn't buy any yarn at all *pauses for everyone to get over the shock* I think it may be the first time I have been into a yarn shop and not bought anything and I was very proud of myself. They had some Manos del Uruguay (which I love and adore) in one of my favourite colourways, but I was strong and resisted. I have plenty of yarn ;)

So, our shopping expedition wasn't quite as successful as originally planned, but we got there in the end at least! The pattern I bought first is on the left, and mum's present pattern is on the right. Incidentally, this will be the last time I mention mum's present. It won't be a surprise as she knows what she's getting, but I think it'll be nicer not to see weekly updates on progress!

As this is turning into quite a long post, I'll save my stories of our knitting (and crocheting!) for Thursday *smiles* So please do pop back to see just how I got on with a hook for the very first time ;)


  1. I hate going to all that trouble to not come away with much in the end. But at least you were successful for your Mom's present. I can only get two shops within an 1/2 hour's distance and then I have to drive over an hour to find anymore. Or three hours to find many.

  2. I'm pretty good about not buying all the yarn I like in a shop. I only have a big stash because I won two baskets of yarn and friends have traded/gifted me with lots of yarn. If I do buy something on a whim, I buy one skein and then I'm frustrated trying to find something to do with just that one skein. ;)

  3. I have had many yarn store finding experiences like that! I think it's the worst when you're in a yarn store with unhelpful attendees - the other day I was in a store, and the owner was watching me so intently without saying a word that I got embarrassed and had to leave, haha

  4. Oh wow, another great blog. I've been looking through for a while now at many of your wonderful posts.
    I've become a google friend after finding you on Linda's Creative Friday!
    Thanks for popping over my way too.
    ღ Aleta

    PS - Is that Linda Carter (aka Wonder Woman) modelling on the last knitting pattern in this post?


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