Monday, 1 August 2011

M is for... Many things!

[Side note: boyfriend's suggestion for this post was "M is for Monday. Ugh. The End" *laughs* Whilst accurate, I don't know quite how inspiring or interesting it would be for anyone reading!]

Unlike last week, I had too many ideas for this post, and not enough to say or show about any of them. So...

M is for My Mum, who is coming to stay with me for a few days this week *grins*

M is for Muscle pain thanks to all the cleaning and gardening I did in preparation for the above visit ;)

M is for Massages. Mum and I are having a mini spa break, with much pampering (my muscles are pleased about this)

M is for Many Minor Modifications to Man socks (more about that on Wednesday!)

M is for Menorca, Majorca, Malta, Margarita and Maldives... All places I have been to, beginning with M. My dad and I had a plan to do an A-Z of the world, visiting a country beginning with each letter. Some will be difficult/barely possible, but we wanted to try. I'm going to try and do it for both of us. I seem to have a fair few M countries already though!

M is for Metric - for some reason I switch between metric and imperial measurements (not in the same project though - that's never a good plan). I weigh things in grams, measure length in inches (for short things) and meters (for longer things) and generally have very little consistency in my approach. I've never been able to understand why.

M is for Mattress Stitch. I hate it. That is all (ok, I know it is amazing and wonderful and finishes things beautifully, but I hate doing it!)

M is for Making - I like making stuff *laughs* But you probably already knew that ;)


  1. I think it's an age thing, with the measurements. By the time we learned it all, all we were taught was metric, but our parents still used Imperial, so we kinda picked both up. I find it really weird to say I'm 175cm tall, I'd much rather say 5 foot 9.

    I think it's good to have a grasp on both systems. Hey, we still measure gauge with stitches per inch :)

  2. I switch between imperial and metric too! I picked up sewing and knitting while living in North America so I'm all inches there but my height can be both while weight is ALWAYS in Kg (can't think in lb and oz to save my life!)

  3. I LOVE this post! Looking forward to Wednesday. x

  4. I always love to see all the words you come up with! I agree - no Mondays - ugh!! lol!! The whole metric thing is funny to me (by the way, I never heard of the word Imperial before!) as we don't learn metric in school and everything here is measured by inches, feet and yards...

  5. Hooray for mommy visits! I know what you mean though about the mad rush to make everything perfect before they arrive. I do it every time and I'm almost 40-years-old ~ I honestly thought I would have outgrown it by now... lol.

    Have a grand time with your mama and enjoy her company.

  6. What's metric? LOL Just kidding. We folks in the states aren't *that* dumb. I vaguely remember a time in the 70's where our country tried to go metric. Guess it didn't take. "Imperial" is interesting. My parents always used "metric" vs. "English" measurement.

    You've come up with a great many things for M. Have fun being pampered with mom!

  7. Mmmmm M&Ms the best M in the world, LOL!!!

  8. I was born and raised in the states and neither Imperial nor Metric make sense to me. ;) What does make sense is the fact that M&Ms are yummy.

  9. Yay for visits from your mum! :D And for your A-Z of the world plan, which sounds daunting and amazing. (And I'm jealous of your already-visited-beginning-with-M list.)

  10. Lots of good ideas for M. I, unfortunately, am stuck in imperial. Metric gives me lots of trouble. Hope you and your mum have a lovely time.

  11. Great post Nat! Boyfriend had me smiling - M for Mondays - Who'd a thunk it?

  12. I cross measurements too, I think it is because so many great knitting patterns come in inches (because they are American) so I have learnt to use them as I have learnt to knit


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