Thursday, 11 August 2011

So, Crochet Huh?!

I mentioned earlier in the week that I'd had my mum staying over the weekend. Well, aside from our misadventures in trying to find a yarn shop on Friday, we had a pretty fibre-crafty time on Saturday too *smiles*

I was helping mum with her pattern. She hadn't done any knitting in 25 years, so felt a bit rusty. It was quite funny when she first picked it back up again - she was the one who showed me that I was knitting into the back loop of every stitch (and taught me to purl) and I had to remind her how to cable *laughs*

Side note: the pattern mum is using is the most badly written pattern I have ever seen. The instructions make no sense at all. I appreciate I'm not an expert, but it's pretty hideous (the pattern, not the garment of course!) But we've been trying to make sense of it together.

Anyway, while mum was working on the short row shaping (that she was sure she'd need my help on every row, then sailed through it as soon as I'd demonstrated wrap and turn once), I decided to try my hand at crochet, so that I can start working on things from my new book.

These are the fruits of my very first attempt.

They are not very good.


The very first one was clearly wrong, as it came out looking like sideways knitting (interesting, but not quite the intention!)

My second attempt looked a little more like it (I think), but the laciness demonstrated that I was clearly using the wrong size hook for the yarn. As I only have 2 hooks (one large-ish and one small) I switched to a different yarn...

And decided to get a little ahead of myself and start crocheting in the round. After all, that's pretty much the basis of amigurumi, so I figured that was the more important bit to learn.

I made a circle with yarn.

Not quite sure it is right, and having done a bit of research I think I am crocheting into the back stitch *laughs at the parallel to my knitting beginnings* I also hold the hook and yarn entirely wrong, so I definitely won't be doing any in public! I think it comes from being a knitter, because I hold the hook like a needle and move the yarn rather than the hook. This is a lot more laborious than necessary, so I am going to try again. I can just about make the foundation chain when I hold everything "properly". which I suppose is a start ;)

I've heard some people say crochet is easier than knitting - is it true? Because I was having terrible trouble with it *laughs*


  1. Crochet is way easier! Mind you, I started with crochet, so one hook feels far more natural to me than two needles.

    Looking at your in-the-round practice, I would agree with your assessment - back loop only is what you've done. What are you teaching yourself from? Youtube tutorials are much better than drawings in a book, I've found.

  2. I agree with Tink here, videos are easier to learn from than any book out there. I learned from a book (when I was in a place that didn't have internet) and my crochet method is... well, let's just say that it may look weird to other people when I crochet ;)
    I think people find crocheting easier because you use only 1 needle and have only 1 loop on your needle.
    Your amigurumi circle looks pretty okay to me, you did indeed backstitch the whole thing (which is perfectly okay if that's what you were going for). A little tip for when making ami's: use a full size smaller needle than the yarn recommends. This will prevent the stuffing from showing when it's finished. Goodluck! :)

  3. Also agreeing that you did the back loop for the circle. I have absolutely no idea what you did to make the rectangles look that way, though, hahaha!

    Definitely check out videos so you can see exactly how to do things. I had to do that when I was learning to knit a couple years ago and it helped a lot.

  4. I am cracking up over here because Alex and I have been having the same crochet adventures lately! Keep at it!! :)

  5. I am amazed at people who think crochet is easier. I crocheted before I knit. Trying to teach someone to crochet is agony! There is no real way to explain the place to enter, the way to hold things, etc. Knitting is so clear cut and defined. I think people consider it harder because there are no hooks on the ends of the needles to grab the yarn.

  6. It was quite interesting watching you atempt crochet for the first time. Calophi's comment made me laugh out loud.

  7. I personally found knitting easier. Something about the instructions.
    When I learned how to crochet and knit I was horrible to live with. I threw tantrums daily like a two-year-old. I'm still just an advanced beginner but I learned to stop throwing tantrums. Kind of.

  8. Keep at it, once you have mastered it, you will think 'this is so easy' and patterns are so easy once you have the hang of it. Trust another self taught crochet!

  9. I'm still a crochet newbie (and relative knitting newbie too) and I needed to be shown in person how to do it. After just an hour with a 'crocheter' I was off. I think once it clicks it's easier simply because you have one live stitch rather than potentially hundreds so even if you make a mistake it's much less heartbreaking and nerve wracking to go back and fix it as you can't really drop other stitches etc.

    Keep going. You'll be fine in no time :)

  10. Yes you are only crocheting through the back loop...after you finish row one (crocheting into the chain) if you look at the top of your row, you will have a "v". You need to crochet under both arms of the "V" And Crobots is an awesome book! I've made baby bot...I love making ami's..

  11. oh, that doesn't look so bad!
    There's no wrong way to crochet :) I'll bet your crochet will look rockin' in a week... it just needs an eensy bit of evening out, and that comes with practice!

  12. Ha! @Stacey, I read your comment too quickly and thought you said the crochet needed an eensy evening out. Wow, I can learn crochet on a night out on the town - BRILLIANT!

  13. Had to come visit!
    I, personally, think crochet is easier (that was my first craft) and knitting is way too complicated for me to get past knit and purl (which I think I am doing wrong anyway)
    That being said, I like crochet for big things (blankets, wraps) very small things (doilies, runners) and knit for clothing (sweaters, etc)
    Having someone else in person to watch and assist is much easier to figure out things - next time I pick up my knitting needles, I plan to grab my mom to find out what I am doing wrong
    Keep trying - it does get easier!
    Good luck and thanks for visiting me!


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