Thursday, 18 August 2011

What's in your wallet?

[Does anyone remember that really annoying Capital One Credit Card advert? When I was trying to think up a title for this post, it got stuck in my head and I couldn't come up with anything else!]

Yesterday, while having a look through everyone's WIPs (thanks for all the comments on mine *grins*), I saw a post on Sarah's lovely blog, Crafts from the Cwtch that caught my eye... A "what's in your handbag" photo.

I decided (despite my handbag's need for a bit of a clearout) that I would join in and take a picture of my stuff too. A little bit of pruning later...

It actually wasn't that bad, but I did need to throw away a lot of receipts and old bus tickets *laughs*

So, what do we have in there...
  • Magazine, to keep me entertained on the bus or when waiting for anything (often replaced with a book)
  • Beauty implements including Radley handbag mirror, lip stain, mini hairbrush, tinted lipbalm... Not that I ever use any of them (I'm pretty low maintenance) but I like having them there just in case ;)
  • Sunglasses and umbrella - the weather has been so interchangeable lately that it seems sensible to keep both on hand!
  • Phone and purse, as standard. Plus current bus ticket. And a pen, mum always taught me to keep a pen in my bag. 
  • A piece of jewellery (black flower shaped ring) that I obviously took off and threw in my bag because it was annoying me ;)
  • Packet of sweets (I believe I have mentioned before that I have a terrible sweet tooth!)
  • Painkillers thanks to my propensity for killer headaches and migraines. 
  • The blue string is the lanyard and fob to get me into the office for work. 
  • The calculator-looking device is the chip & pin identifier thingy (technical I know!) so I can log in to my online banking
  • And my house keys. That I check obsessively before leaving the house. Usually 4 or 5 times *laughs*
So, that's my handbag. I haven't submitted it to the main link, being that it is for people who have children, but it was kinda fun anyway.

When I was uploading the photo, I also decided to upload this second one that I took last night. On my way home, I noticed something strange at the very edge of the pavement (or sidewalk for any American readers *smiles*)...

Ignoring the very strange looks I got from people, I crouched down to take a picture. All of those little white blobs are miniature snails. There were hundreds of them, over quite a distance. I walked very carefully from then on, to avoid any accidental crushing! No idea where they came from, and they were gone this morning, but it was quite something to see ;)


  1. Yum, fruit gums! I was thinking about doing another what's in your knitting bag post yesterday as a sort of WIP Wednesday thing but didn't get round to taking a picture, maybe next week

  2. Ooh, fun! I love these kind of posts and the "what's in my bag" videos on youtube. I might have to copy you and do one if these posts myself sometime! I carry so much unnecessary crap with me though, really need to learn to be more streamlined like you :)

    If I wasn't so icked out by snails I would've found that cute (I'm a sucker for mini things) but the idea of hundreds of snails of any size freaks me out!

  3. I switch my bag around pretty frequently, so sometimes I have loads of stuff, although times, just the basics...

  4. Oh no! Invasion of the snails!!! Too funny.

  5. Those Cap One ads still run here - all the time. Now, the line is delivered by one member of a creepy band of "pirates" that are the spokespeople.

    And, now it's stuck in my head too. ;)

  6. On a separate note, thanks for the translation of "pavement". That's one I didn't know... Here, when one refers to "pavement" they're usually talking about the actual road, not the sidewalk.

  7. Yay! You joined in :)

    Those snails are pretty cute - I find myself thinking they look like buttons :)

  8. I am such a handbag failure, I tend to keep a small purse and my phone in my pocket and only take a bag when I have the children with me. Then it's full of nappies and plastic animals and toy cars.

    Love the snails, so cute!

  9. I totally thought those were mushrooms before I read on to "snails"!


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