Saturday, 17 November 2012

Re-Design and Housekeeping

You may have noticed that I have a new header up there... What do you think?

I thought it was about time to perk things up a bit, so I changed the header, made a few tweaks to some of the layout options and made myself a new favicon (the little box with an "M" in it on your browser tab).

I'm quite proud of the new design, as I did it all by myself with my rudimentary photoshop skills*grins* My last header was designed by cunning boyfriend, and it was perfect, but I wanted a new look and decided to design something a bit cleaner and crisper.

I have also updated the "Things What I Have Made" page - I haven't put my finished projects in there for ages and it was about time to do some housekeeping *laughs*

Now I just need to work on taking better pictures ;)

I've been a bit absent from the blog world over the last week, thanks to some crazy busy work stuff, so I need to come up with a new plan for posting. I don't like not posting for a week, but my usual schedule isn't working right now.

I tend to post in the morning, off the top of my head, as long as I have remembered to take a few hasty photos. I think I need to plan a little bit more in advance, so I can schedule some posts for when work gets in the way.

Ah, I wish I could write for a living!


  1. Your blog header design does look very fresh and neat, it suits your blog! Hurray for you designing things by yourself. I am rubbish with photoshop, as it has been so long since I used it.

    When I know I am going to be busy, I just schedule stuff...but sometimes that takes the sparkle out of it for me.

    I wish I could crochet, write and shoot photographs for a living. It would be bliss!

  2. Me too! :-)

    I like your header. Have a nice weekend! Regula

  3. i like the header, the font you chose is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  4. Your new header looks lovely - I think it's nice to freshen things up every so often too, which is why I recently changed all my fonts and Hello page - ok so that was just a minor change!

    I can't recall if you have an iPad? Since I've been using Blogsy on mine, I put any ideas for a draft post together any time I think of something or find something I want to blog about, even if the draft sits there for weeks before I finish or use it. It's definitely increased my frequency of posts and has enabled me to do things like the Festive Gift Guide etc (which have all been written in advance) as and when I've had the time/motivation to write. Unlike you I don't have a paid job but with the kids and a home to run, I don't always get the time to blog so it's made a massive difference being able to jot my ideas when I've had them like that. Not sure if that would be helpful for you...?

    Anyway, I hope you are having a lovely weekend

  5. I like the new header! You're inspiring me - I've vaguely intended a blog redesign for ages and go as far as changing up some colours, but never made it to a new header. Should get on that soon.

  6. I really like the new header, nice and bright. I did my header a month or so ago, and I think I'm getting better at using Photoshop ;-) I need to change my favicon though.

  7. Great new header! Very clean design, I really like it. I updated mine too last week but I still haven't decided whether it's staying or not!

  8. Love the new header, you did a great job!

  9. I wish that too; my hubbie wants me to be the next Stephenie Meyer.
    I love this new look and your new header. It's fun and modern.


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