Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I thought, after having a week of pre-defined posts, that I'd have loads to write about after blog week finished... Apparently I spent all my time reading blogs and very little time actually doing anything crafty *laughs*

I'm still working on the two projects from my last post, but not enough progress has been made to share again (if only I was that quick though!) It's funny, these two WIPs remind me of this post I made about knitting personalities. I was trying to decide if I was a product or a process knitter and came to the conclusion that it depends...

On my current projects - the hooded cardigan is something I really want finished so I can wear it. Plus, between the endless rows and not entirely squooshy yarn, the process is fun but not joyfully so. Product all the way.

My so Called Scarf, on the other hand, although I really want it finished so I can wear it, I'm really enjoying making it. The stitch pattern is mindless enough to be done while chatting, or in front of the TV, but enjoyable enough for me to want to carry on. The yarn is so gorgeous, and watching the colour patterns emerge is much fun :)

So, here's the dilemma... I want the cardigan. However, I keep putting it to one side so I can knit the yummy scarf. But I want to keep knitting the scarf forever. How do I make myself knit the cardigan?!

And, to avoid a totally image free post, here's a gratuitous scarf closeup (with some interesting focus issues, sorry about that!):


  1. You could try rewarding yourself with some scarf knitting for every few rows of cardigan you complete?

  2. Yeah, I always reward myself with my favorite project - a few rows of what I'm procrastinating, then a few rows of what I'm really into at the moment.

  3. It's all knitting, so its all good! BTW tks for the lace book suggestion. It's funny cause I just bought the book last nite and it's a good step by step lace book. Promise myself I would do the whole book, uh until something shiny come along!-smiles-

  4. Following the excellent advice above, a did a repeat on the cardigan and then rewarded myself with some more time with my scarf ;) I like this plan!

  5. Reward knitting is good. I would say you should just finish the scarf and not worry about. but if your anything like me, a new project will be cast on very quickly and you will be faced with the same problem and a cardi that never get finished!!

  6. I love patterns that you don't have to think too hard about. How else can you be social or multi-task while knitting? :)


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