Wednesday, 20 April 2011

There Is No Blue*

I haven't done any knitting over the last two nights - I think I overdid it at the weekend and needed a little break!

Last night I had my friend Phil over for dinner, so I spent the time before he arrived making mini pizzas, chorizo crisps and mum's fab recipe for marmite and cheese palmiers (and, before anyone mentions how much they hate marmite - so do I! Somehow, with cheese and puff pastry it just works though).

Monday night I looked at my knitting and couldn't muster the motivation. Instead I made a couple of cards. Which makes way more mess and involves tidying up afterwards *frowns* not sure that worked as a great "no motivation, do something simple" plan!

Anyway, I made an Easter card for my grandparents. They like it when I write to them and I haven't done so in a little while, so this seemed like an excellent idea. I'm very into orange at the moment for some reason. I forgot to take a photo of the birthday card I made for my brother, but that was orange too (more bright, less pastel though!).

I don't know if this (sorry, blurry) picture shows it off, but the flowers, words and butterflies are heat embossed on, with a glittery finish. They look pretty cute.

Not sure what this one is for, I just had a tiny scrap of brown fabric and some wooden beads, thought they looked nice together and made this as a result...

So, that was my crafting news. Must do some more knitting if the shawl and cardigan are ever going to be finished though!

*"There is no blue without yellow and without orange". Vincent Van Gogh
Title also appropriate as this post has no blue, yet all my knitting is currently blue ;)


  1. Love the brown card.

  2. The Easter card is really cute I love it. I'm sure your knitting mojo will come back soon. XD

  3. You can overdo knitting?

    I love your cards! I'm sure your family will too. That's a really nice thing to do.


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