Tuesday, 19 April 2011

In Perpetuity

So, as I said yesterday, I did lots of knitting over the weekend and managed to finish my scarf, bringing me back down to 2 WIPs. I'm now trying to convince myself that I don't automatically get to cast something else on as a result *laughs*

I'm not very good at convincing myself.

But, I did come up with a cunning solution... I cast on for the sleeves of my cardigan *wise nod* Oh yes, I managed to stave off my desire for something new, by technically casting on something I hadn't been working on, while also making progress on my current project. I rule ;)

In case you're worrying that I have tiny T-ex style arms, the sleeve on this cardigan are supposed to be elbow length, and they get knitted onto the body portion directly - hence why they look teeny here.

According to the pattern I was supposed to knit the sleeves first, but I wanted to get stuck in to the main section because I am impatient ;)

I also knitted some more of my lovely blue shawl, but it is currently in The State Of Perpetual Sameness, and it doesn't matter how many more rows I do, it just won't seem to grow *sigh* Which is why I got bored and finished my scarf and 2 sleeves instead.


  1. My blanket is at that point right now. So I've cast on a Mother's Day/Birthday gift to make instead because it's just a tiny lace bookmark....SHHH it's a secret though XD

  2. I almost never knit a pattern the way it tells me too. As long as it fits in the end, I never saw the point of going in order.

  3. Oh, boredom...I think it happens to almost all of us! Luckily, you can always skip from project to project :-)


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