Monday, 4 April 2011

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Wow, Knit and Crochet blog week was great fun to participate in! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and thank you to everyone who commented *smiles and waves* It's been great getting to know so many new blogs, and I hope some people continue to pop by every once in a while :)

And now I have to figure out what to write about... It was really cool having pre-defined topics *laughs*

So, engage brain, review current knitting progress, and.... go....

I have 2 things I'm working on at the moment, the hooded cardigan from Vampire Knits. I'm making somewhat slow progress on this, due to the 150 stitch rows (I know I want to try lace, which has way more stitches per row, but I'm putting that out of my mind for the moment!)

This is the fir cone lace section, that will need some blocking before it looks like it should - no idea how I'm supposed to block an acrylic/wool blend though! Any ideas gratefully received ;)

The back of this looks like some kind of alien life form:

Or maybe a fungus? Either way it is slightly terrifying *laughs* It looks worse in this picture because of the colour, I'm really gonna have to try and capture the actual colour at some point, it's looked different in every shot!

My second WIP  is My So Called Scarf. I love this pattern, and of course looks wonderful using my Manos silk blend. I cast this on because I figured my alien beast was too unwieldy to take on the train. I made a fair amount of progress.

I also tried taking an arty shot of it, as my photos tend to be a little bland:

I quite like this one *smiles* If I used a proper camera instead of my phone, maybe I could have even used the macro settings to make it even better, but it is a general improvement I think.

I did get some strange looks knitting on the train, but it kept me busy for a boring trip. I did wonder if I'd get any knitting done at mum's, now that I am getting much better at talking and knitting at the same time *laughs* Well, as long as I don't need to count anything anyway!

I got a few rows done, but the rest of my knitting activity this weekend is a story for another time...


  1. I love the So-called scarf, it's a pattern that I hadn't noticed before. Definitely going on my queue.

  2. That does look a little terrifying! It's pretty cool though, I never think to really look at the backs of my projects. I think it should block just fine because it has some wool content.

  3. It looks kinda cool, I like how textured it is. And the So-called scarf is looking lovely. You got a lot done on that train ride XD

  4. @MsC - it's a gorgeous pattern, really nice to knit as well :)

    @Hanrahan - thanks, hopefully the blocking will work, I'd like it to look less terrifying when I wear it!

    @panda - Some of the progress was made the evening after the train ride - I'm not quite that fast!

  5. WOW! Beautiful sweater. I can't wait to see it completed.
    I like the scarf too.

    I'll keep popping by... :)


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