Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I realised that my post yesterday was a little thin on details (other than my rambling about why it was a good idea for me to start a new item with two still languishing on the needles!)

At least I mentioned the pattern. The yarn is the heretofore unblogged Patons Smoothie DK that I bought during my most recent stash enhancement at my mum's LYS. I picked it up in the shop because it was £1.25 a ball, in a lovely spring-like colour and it was (appropriately) so smooth. I was kinda surprised to find it was a pure acrylic because it looks and feels a lot like cotton, but a little bit softer.

Talking of the colour, it is not at all like it appeared yesterday. Here's a closer colour, and despite oversaturated appearances this photo has not been touched up.

Actually, I found a picture on the Patons website, that is even closer... So, somewhere between these two is about right *laughs*

Until I started blogging myself I wondered why people always apologised for their photo quality when showing yarns - now I get it!

It's a slightly strange yarn, made up of a bunch of threads loosely wound together, which took a bit of getting used to at the beginning. Now that I'm a bit more used to it, it's actually quite nice to work with.

I loved the start of the pattern - starting with 5 stitches meant that it grew pretty quickly to start with. But increasing by 4 stitches every other row does add up somewhat, and now it seems to take forever ;) So I think the length of the finished piece will very much depend on when I get sick of it *laughs* It's currently the length of about a "shawlette", having used up just over 1 ball. I have 3 more balls, although one is a different dyelot so hopefully I won't need it.


  1. That yarn looks really pretty. I'd love to knit with it lol XD

  2. Three items in the works is definitely still a reasonable number...I know some people who have half-finished crap laying around everywhere!

  3. I quite like that yarn too and it is unbelievably soft!

  4. Very pretty blue! I bet the shawl turns out lovely.

  5. I love discovering soft, beautiful acrylic yarns! Natural fibers are amazing, but synthetic has it's uses and a lot of my gift knitting has to be washable and tough. Definitely going to look for this yarn at my local stores.

  6. @panda - luckily it tends to be pretty reasonably priced - excellent for just trying out!

    @AC - I think if I had too many UFOs, it would stress me out - I'm having a hard enough time decide what to knit of the 3 I've got now!

    @Countess - yep, it is really soft isn't it, more so than cotton (which is the closest thing I can associate it with)

    @del - precisely why I bought it, it's a really lovely blue in real life

    @roguebutterfly - I'm not a yarn snob (although I am in love with anything silk!), so I know what you mean - acrylic certainly has its place


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